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This page is a general platform for all drivers and lovers of turbo motorcycles, both serial-produced, self-built and turbo-conversions.

In the 1980s, each of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers produced a serial turbo model, starting in 1981 with the Honda CX500 Turbo, in 1982 Yamaha with the XJ650 Turbo and in 1984 the Kawasaki ZX 750 E1 / E2 Turbo. Honda relaunched the CX650 Turbo in 1983 and in the same year Suzuki's XN85 appeared, which was
not officially sold on the European market and is extremely rare. Also the other models sold badly and are today sought-after collectibles.

The Honda Turbo IG has been around for many years. Since a few years, a small Yamaha turbo meeting has been established In the Sauerland as part of a general motorcycle meeting. Since about the turn of the millennium there are regular Kawasaki-Turbomeetings to which all other turbo models are invited and welcome.

At the 2018 Kawa Turbo Meeting in Lautenthal in the German Harz, the idea of creating a general forum for all turbo models, similar to the American model "TMIOA" (Turbo Motorcycles International Owners Association) matured as the individual brand meetings are inevitably getting smaller over time and since many turbo drivers also own several turbobikes of different brands.

So here it is.

Koblenz, im Juni 2018,
Georg Horn

PS: Links to the brand-specific turbo-sites:
Kawasaki: http://750turbo.info/ / http://www.750turbo.com/
Yamaha: http://www.xj-forum.de/bb/viewforum.php?f=14
Honda: https://www.dampfrad.de/ / http://www.hondafirstturboclub.nl/
Suzuki: bisher nichts bekannt

General American Turbo Motorcycle Homepage: http://www.turbomotorcycles.org/